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Best AI startups in 2023 - Text to Video, Music, Chat

Text to Overdubbing Video

Bhuman  is a text-to-video tool that can help you create animated explainer videos. With its drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates, you can quickly create engaging explainer videos that are perfect for introducing your brand or product. You can provide a spreadsheet of data and let the video template insert the proper information for each distinct customer.

Script to Video

Steve.AI lets you develop a script, select background music, and text to narration voice, and related video clips to build a story video.

This video started as a scripted story listing adventures and then appropriate video from the web was searched and stitched together to produce the final video.  It took only a few minutes to produce.

Pictory a script to video tool.

ChatGPT to Graphic Video

This video illustrates the creation of a script using ChatGPT and then uses ChatGPT to generate the resultant prompts for MidJourney art o use to create a narrated graphic video.

AI competing against AI

AI Stockfish and AI Apha Zero are evenly matched against each other.

They demonstrate the growing rivalry between AIs.

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Text to Music

​Google MusicML   Google MusicML is an AI platform for creating music applications. It offers pre-trained models and tools to generate music, analyze tracks, and more. MusicML integrates with other Google Cloud services for scalability.. This example is a text to AI-generated music called relaxing jazz.

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