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About Us

Welcome to the new world of Virtual Assistant and Chatbots that shepard you into the AI community.

We're all about building an Artificial Intelligent hive for like-minded researchers and developers. We hope to develop the AI Hive into the go-to resource for all things AI, providing users with access to a wide range of AI-related resources and tools.​ With our AI Directory, you can find and learn about leading AI companies their resources, and their tools. Our Forums allow you to engage with other AI enthusiasts and experts. Our AI tutorial and course section will provide a wide variety of educational resources.​  And our AI Startup Company Forum offers access to community resources, support, and the latest AI tools and advanced techniques.​

We are eager to explore the 

Ten Stages of AI


  1. Rule Based AI

  2. Content Based AI (Siri, Alexa)

  3. Narrow AI (Watson MD)

  4. Reasoning AI (ChatGPT)

  5. AGI (Adult Human)

  6. Super AGI (Self Improving)

  7. Self-Aware AGI (Relationships)

  8. Transcendent AGI (Develops new life forms)

  9. Cosmic AGI (Probes the Galaxy)

  10. God-like AGI (All powerful)

At AI Hive, we're committed to providing the best resources and tools to learn about and explore the exciting field of artificial intelligence. Join our forum community today and take your AI knowledge to the next level! 

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