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Dive into our AI Directory – a meticulously curated collection, featuring the pioneers and innovators in AI research and development. From global leaders to dynamic startups, from groundbreaking AI software tool developers to specialized AI small business opportunities, we have captured the full spectrum of entities shaping the AI landscape across all industries. Engage with our exclusive resource and unlock the future of Artificial Intelligence. Join us on this extraordinary journey.


Adobe Express - is developing AI graphics editing and art development.

Aerolinx -  AI-powered aerial intelligence.

Aisera provides AI Service Experience solutions for enterprises to automate IT tasks and workflows with conversational AI and RPA. 

AIBrain - is an artificial intelligence company that builds AI solutions for smartphones and robotics applications. Its products include AICoRE, the AI agent, iRSP, an intelligent robot software platform, and Futurable, a future simulation AI game where every character is a fully autonomous AI. 

A.I Writer - Online AI editor; 

Alibaba AI - A leading cloud platform in Asia, Alibaba offers clients a sophisticated machine learning platform.

Algolia - Provider of AI-powered search and discovery solutions for websites and mobile applications.

Amazon AI - AWS provides cloud AI services that use the tools for a company’s applications and workloads. Their AI services integrate with their infrastructure to help a company address their recommendations, modernizing contact centers, security, and customer engagement. The service gives ML services to give accurate APIs. (Amazon research models, Alexa, Rekognition, SageMaker.)

Anthropic  is a state-of-the-art AI model, Claude, an unparalleled proficiency in language comprehension 

App Orchid Inc. is a mobile app development company that helps businesses build and launch mobile apps. 

Appen - A company providing AI tutorial training for data and AI solutions for businesses.

ArticleForge - AI blogging platform;

Baidu AI - The AI division of Baidu, focused on AI development and deployment.

Blockade Labs is a new company that is using AI to create games.

Bloomberg GPT - Financial AI analysis

Brand 24 - Social media analytics tool; 
ChatGPT - Human-like conversation AI; 
Chatfuel Route to sales platform; 

Cisco AI - The AI division of Cisco focused on developing and deploying AI solutions for the enterprise.

C2FO -  A company providing AI-powered supply chain finance solutions.

Cogito - Provider of AI-powered call center software.

Cognitivescale - Provider of AI solutions for financial services, healthcare, and other industries.

Concentric AI is a company that is developing AI-powered observability software. 

Crowdstrike - Cybersecurity company.

D-ID AI video design and edit

Databricks is a cloud-based platform for data engineering, machine learning, and analytics.

DataRobot - DataRobot provides data scientists a platform for building and deploying machine learning models. The software helps business analysts build predictive analytics with no knowledge of machine learning or programming and uses automated ML to build and deploy predictive models.

DataVisor is a fraud detection company that helps businesses protect their customers from fraud.

DealGetter9000 - is an AI chatbot that helps sales representatives become better at closing deals.

DesignBeast - Animation creation tool;

DesignEvo - Logo development

DeepLearning - Mathematics for Machine Learning

DeepMind - Alphabet focused on advancing AI in a responsible and safe way.

Descript - AI Video editing software; 

DiffusionBee - AI art platform; 

Draeno,io -   An Aggregator of AI Magic Tools where everything you require to create anything.         

Dreamix - a new text-to-video software from Google

Dreamstudio - text-to-art by

Edge Impulse - Provider of AI-powered Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Element AI - AI company focused on developing and deploying cutting-edge AI solutions for businesses.

Elicit is an AI research assistant that helps you find, read, and understand research papers.

Everbridge - A company providng AI-powered critical event management solutions.

Fathom - Analytic AI tool;

Facebook/Meta AI - Facebook's AI division is dedicated to advancing AI research and deployment. (Research models Jurassic-1, Jumbo,, Blenderbot.)

Frame AI  is a company that is developing a platform for building and deploying large language models 

Freenome - An AI company focused on developing blood tests for early cancer detection.

Fictiv is a manufacturing platform that helps businesses design, prototype, and manufacture products faster and cheaper. 

Fireflies - AI meeting assistant; 

FlipclipAI toolkit for text/script to video, image and script generation, subtitle generator, text-to-speech. is an AI-powered platform that helps users find the best AI tools for their needs. 

FTA Associates - Risk assessment consultant developing networking strategies with AI.

Google AI - Google is a leader in AI and data analytics. Google Cloud sells several AI and machine learning services to businesses. It has an industry-leading software project in TensorFlow as well as its own Tensor AI chip project. (Research models: Gemini, Bert, Bard, Lambda, Palm) is a sales intelligence platform that helps sales teams understand their customers and close more deals.

Grammarly - A company providing AI-powered writing and grammar-checking tools.

Growthbar SEO tool; - Provider of open-source AI tools and solutions for businesses and developers.

Heuritech - Provider of AI solutions for fashion and retail industries.

Hugging Faces  - Transformer Libray and Hu

Huawei AI - The AI division of Huawei focused on developing and deploying AI technology.

IBM AI - IBM is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, centered around IBM Watson. AI software as a service and scale-out systems designed for delivering cloud-based analytics and AI services. 

IdentityMind is an identity verification company that helps businesses verify the identity of their customers online. 

Infosys Nia - AI platform developed by Infosys, a leading provider of IT services and consulting.

Intel AI - Intel's AI division focused on developing and deploying AI hardware and software solutions.

Intrepid Digital Marketing - helps take business to the next level using AI SEO.

Jasper Text - Writing software; 

KAI - A company providing AI-powered customer service solutions for businesses.

Kaiber - is a text-to-video software that leverages AI to transform text descriptions into videos

Keras - An open-source neural network library written in Python, providing a user-friendly interface for building and training deep learning models.

Kneron - Provider of AI solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing.

Leanplum is a mobile marketing platform that helps businesses reach and engage their customers with personalized mobile experiences. - An AI startup platform that helps you find the best companies for your career.

Microsoft AI - Microsoft offers a mix of consumer-facing and business AI projects. Microsoft sells a range of AI services, such as bot services, machine learning, and cognitive services. Microsoft has invested in OpenAI. (Microsoft Research models: Project Oxford, CNTK, Malmo.)

NVDIA - Focused on building specialized hardware and software for AI and deep learning.

Nauto - A company providing AI-powered driver safety systems for commercial vehicles.

Nutonomy: It appears that Nutonomy was acquired by Aptiv and its website is no longer available.

MobileMonkey - Chatbot creation platform.

OpenAI - AI research facility and partner with Microsoft. Research areas.

Optimove - Mapped by AI

Otter A.I - Meeting assistant tool; - Provider of AI-powered delivery management solutions.

Peltarion - Provider of AI development platforms and tools. is a company that is developing AI-powered sales and customer intelligence software.

Phrasee - Marketing tool. is a self-driving truck company that is developing a fully autonomous truck that can operate without human input. 

PowerVision - A company providing AI-powered drone technology.

PyTorch - An open-source machine learning library written in Python, providing tools for building and training deep learning models.

ProwritingAid - Writing improvement software; 

Quantilus AI in financial services and stock market analysis

Quid is a data intelligence company that helps businesses make better decisions by providing insights from their data.
Quillbot - Editing tool. 

Roblox - game development AI tools.

Rika Labs - text-to-video software tools.

Runway - Video background removal tool; Previously an autonomous vehicle technology company, now owned by Aptiv.

Salesforce AI - Salesforce has acquired AI startups and sharpened Salesforce Einstein, their artificial intelligence service. 

Samasource is a social enterprise that provides IT and business process services to businesses using a global network of skilled workers. 

SAP AI SAP's division focused on delivering AI solutions for enterprise resource planning.

Sentient Technologies- A company focused on developing and deploying AI solutions for e-commerce and other industries.

Shield AI - A company providing AI-powered autonomous systems for defense and security applications.

Sapling - Writing assistant platform; 

Scale AI is a company that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses label and organize their data.
Scalenut - Presentation tool; 

SeventhSense - Email delivery tool; - Social media advertising tool; 
Soundraw - Music creation platform.

StartupAItools - AI tools directory in 40+ categories like ai content detection, plagiarism tools, and more.
Steve AI
- Text-to-video software

Stable Diffusion - Text-to-art software.

StudyCrumb - Summarization tool; 
Surfer SEO - SEO tool; 
Synthesia - Video creation tool; 

Suki.AI - An AI-powered virtual physician assistant for healthcare providers.

TensorFlow - An open-source machine learning library developed by Google, providing tools for building and training deep learning models.

Tesla - AI research data is used to create a 3D model of the car's surroundings, which is then used to make decisions about controlling the vehicle. (Research models Tesla Bot, Dojo Chip.)

Tractable - An AI company focused on developing and deploying AI solutions for the insurance industry.

Tencent AI - Tencent's division focused on developing AI technology and products.

Tome story-telling into a video presentation tool.

Toonly - Video creation software; 

Udemy  AI for stock analysis and predictions.

UiPath - Provider of AI-powered robotic process automation (RPA) solutions.

Urbint - A provider of AI-powered solutions for utilities and other industries.

Verkada - Provider of AI-powered video surveillance solutions.

ViSenze - A company providing AI-powered image recognition and visual search technology.

Vicarious - An AI company focused on building machine learning algorithms inspired by the human brain.

Vicarious SurgicalA company developing AI-powered surgical robotics technology.

Video Software Lab - AI video and CGI services and tools. is a company that is developing AI-powered software for the healthcare industry. 

Voicemaker - Voiceover creation platform; 
Wordtune - Writing assistant tool; 

WIT.aiProvider of natural language processing (NLP) technology for chatbots and other applications.

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