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We are building a comprehensive directory of AI companies and tools, featuring some of the leading AI research and development companies, popular AI startups, systems and tools, and AI solutions for a range of industries.

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Adobe Express - AI graphics editing; 

Aerolinx -  AI-powered aerial intelligence.

A.I Writer - Online AI editor; 

Alibaba AI - The AI division of Alibaba, provides AI technology for businesses and developers.

Algolia - Provider of AI-powered search and discovery solutions for websites and mobile applications.

Amazon AI - Amazon's AI division provides a range of AI services and technology to businesses and developers through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Appen - A company providing AI tutorial training for data and AI solutions for businesses.

ArticleForge - AI blogging platform;

Baidu AI - The AI division of Baidu, focused on AI development and deployment.

Brand 24 - Social media analytics tool; 
ChatGPT - Human-like conversation AI; 
Chatfuel Route to sales platform; 

Cisco AI - The AI division of Cisco focused on developing and deploying AI solutions for the enterprise.

C2FO -  A company providing AI-powered supply chain finance solutions.

Cogito - Provider of AI-powered call center software.

Cognitivescale - Provider of AI solutions for financial services, healthcare, and other industries.

Crowdstrike - Cybersecurity company.

D-ID AI video design and edit

DesignBeast - Animation creation tool;

DesignEvo - Logo development

DeepMind - Alphabet focused on advancing AI in a responsible and safe way.

Descript - AI Video editing software; 

DiffusionBee - AI art platform; 

Edge Impulse - Provider of AI-powered Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Element AI - AI company focused on developing and deploying cutting-edge AI solutions for businesses.

Everbridge - A company providing AI-powered critical event management solutions.

Fathom - Analytic AI tool;

Facebook AI - Facebook's AI division is dedicated to advancing AI research and deployment.

Freenome - An AI company focused on developing blood tests for early cancer detection.

Fireflies - AI meeting assistant; 
Flexclip - Video creation tool; 

Google AI - Google's division is dedicated to building state-of-the-art AI.

Grammarly - A company providing AI-powered writing and grammar-checking tools.

Growthbar SEO tool; - Provider of open-source AI tools and solutions for businesses and developers.

Heuritech - Provider of AI solutions for fashion and retail industries.

Huawei AI - The AI division of Huawei focused on developing and deploying AI technology.

IBM AI - IBM's AI division focused on AI research, development, and deployment.

Infosys Nia - AI platform developed by Infosys, a leading provider of IT services and consulting.

Intel AI - Intel's AI division focused on developing and deploying AI hardware and software solutions.

Jasper Text - Writing software; 

KAI - A company providing AI-powered customer service solutions for businesses.

Keras - An open-source neural network library written in Python, providing a user-friendly interface for building and training deep learning models.

Kneron - Provider of AI solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing.

Microsoft AI - Microsoft's division focused on building and deploying AI solutions.

NVDIA - Focused on building specialized hardware and software for AI and deep learning.

Nauto - A company providing AI-powered driver safety systems for commercial vehicles.

Nutonomy: It appears that Nutonomy was acquired by Aptiv and its website is no longer available.

MobileMonkey - Chatbot creation platform; 

Optimove - Mapped by AI

Otter A.I - Meeting assistant tool; 
Phrasee - Marketing tool; 

ProwritingAid - Writing improvement software; 

Quantilus AI in financial services and stock market analysis
Quillbot - Editing tool; 
Runway - Video background removal tool; Previously an autonomous vehicle technology company, now owned by Aptiv. - Provider of AI-powered delivery management solutions.

Peltarion - Provider of AI development platforms and tools.

PowerVision - A company providing AI-powered drone technology.

PyTorch - An open-source machine learning library written in Python, providing tools for building and training deep learning models.

Salesforce AI - Salesforce's division focused on delivering AI solutions for customer relationship management.

SAP AI SAP's division focused on delivering AI solutions for enterprise resource planning.

Sentient Technologies- A company focused on developing and deploying AI solutions for e-commerce and other industries.

Shield AI - A company providing AI-powered autonomous systems for defense and security applications.

Sapling - Writing assistant platform; 
Scalenut - Presentation tool; 
SeventhSense - Email delivery tool; - Social media advertising tool; 
Soundraw - Music creation platform; 
StudyCrumb - Summarization tool; 
Surfer SEO - SEO tool; 
Synthesia - Video creation tool; 

Suki.AI - An AI-powered virtual physician assistant for healthcare providers.

TensorFlow - An open-source machine learning library developed by Google, providing tools for building and training deep learning models.

Tractable - An AI company focused on developing and deploying AI solutions for the insurance industry.

Tencent AI - Tencent's division focused on developing AI technology and products.

Tome story-telling into a video presentation tool.

Toonly - Video creation software; 

Udemy  AI for stock analysis and predictions.

UiPath - Provider of AI-powered robotic process automation (RPA) solutions.

Urbint - A provider of AI-powered solutions for utilities and other industries.

Verkada - Provider of AI-powered video surveillance solutions.

ViSenze - A company providing AI-powered image recognition and visual search technology.

Vicarious - An AI company focused on building machine learning algorithms inspired by the human brain.

Vicarious Surgical - A company developing AI-powered surgical robotics technology.

Viocemaker - Voiceover creation platform; 
Wordtune - Writing assistant tool; - Provider of natural language processing (NLP) technology for chatbots and other applications.

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